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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Have your apartment been bugged?

They are nasty, they bite and nobody likes them. No, not spoiled children...bed bugs. And believe it or not, they are everywhere. It's becoming a common problem for apartment landlords, hotels and even business. A movie theatre in New York had to shut down this week to perform extermination measures.

In the past, people associated these little creatures with filth and slums. This is not the case anymore. Bed bugs do not discriminate and they can be transported from place to place without detection because of their size. Even worse, many attorneys say they would rather see a lawsuit over mold rather than bed bugs. These little things are a big liability.

My advice...if you have not studied up on this epidemic...get to it. Start here at Wikipedia. Second, find an exterminator that specializes in the treatment and removal of bed bugs and get them on your speed dial. Here is one in the Triangle area. There are even dogs trained to sniff for these things.