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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More renters live in 1-to-4 unit homes than apartment buildings

Developments - WSJ: Here’s a fun fact about the housing market: There are more rentals in houses than apartment buildings.
That number comes from CoreLogic economist Sam Khater, who crunched Census numbers to determine that about 20.7 million rentals are in 1-to-4 unit homes, including both detached and attached homes, compared with about 17.1 million rentals in buildings with 5-or-more units. About 1.87 million American households are in mobile homes, RVs, boats, or vans.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Investors Aim to Buy Thousands of Homes to Rent to Tenants -

Investors Aim to Buy Thousands of Homes to Rent to Tenants -

With home prices down more than a third from their peak and the market swamped with foreclosures, large investors are salivating at the opportunity to buy perhaps thousands of homes at deep discounts and fill them with tenants. Nobody has ever tried this on such a large scale, and critics worry these new investors could face big challenges managing large portfolios of dispersed rental houses. Typically, landlords tend to be individuals or small firms that own just a handful of homes.

But the new investors believe the rental income can deliver returns well above those offered by Treasury securities or stock dividends. At the same time, economists say, they could help areas hardest hit by the housing crash reach a bottom of the market.