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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last day for Sweepstakes Centers

It appears the day of reckoning is finally here and the little "casinos" that popped up across N.C. in the last couple of years will be forced to close their doors after today.......maybe. While the law claims to be clear that November 30th is the last day for these centers to operate, this article in the N&O points out that operators are trying to make adjustments to their games in order to remain in compliance with the law.
If the law wins (which it usually does) many retail center landlords will be sorry to see these tenants leave. However, many nearby residents will certainly to get rid of the "problems" that usually surround these places.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

MyApartmentMap Launches Search Site

MyApartmentMap has officially been released and represents the most comprehensive and feature rich apartment search available. Features include interactive maps, virtual neighborhood tours, apartment deal advertisements, and vertical searches that can identify specific housing needs. Basically, this site combines tools into one place that were previously on several different sites.

This site sounds like it will certainly be utilized by the internet savvy apartment renter. You should to make sure your 'for rent' apartments show up in the results.